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—Advanced Diagnostic Techniques



—Complicated Deliveries

—Conventional & Lap Hysterectomy

—Pre & Antienatal Counselling

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy changes your life, your body, and your decisions. There are many considerations and we are honored to be a part and provide support during this time. We provide the following services associated with pregnancy care:

• Pre-pregnancy counseling including physical, mental, and emotional readiness
Pregnancy planning
Pre-existing conditions
Infertility issues
• Pre-natal care – we recommend regular visits during your pregnancy to effectively monitor growth and development

• Delivery and development of a birth plans
Family-focused birthing center at Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center
Water therapy to assist with labor
Choice of delivery techniques – from natural (no anesthesia) delivery to epidurals (pain management with medicine)
Guidance with breathing techniques
• Caesarean Sections

• Post-partum Care
Delivery follow-up exam
Breast feeding support
Understanding hormonal changes
Contraception counseling